Our Value Proposition

  • At Smith Bekwa we have always prided ourselves in that we don’t just offer legal services but give a superior service to our clients and support them through all legal matters.
  • As a boutique firm we give all our clients our undivided attention and that means excellent quality of work and personalized service.
  • Smith Bekwa is a wholly black woman-owned law firm. We pride ourselves in the fact that our staff complement, comprising professional and support staff, is 100% black.
  • We are focused on providing value-driven solutions to our clients and their businesses.
  • Our flexible approach to alternative fee arrangements (“AFAs”) means collaborating with our clients to best meet their needs for high-quality legal work delivered economically, efficiently, and predictably. We work with clients to create effective AFAs based on the matter/project involved, which we strongly believe to be mutually beneficial for both the firm and the client.
  • At Smith Bekwa Inc we value our clients and recognize that satisfied clients are our best source of future business as client satisfaction ensures continued business and is an important referral source for new clients.